Online Marketing & Promotions 

 Cell Phone Promotions & Productions 

Verizon Wireless

Tour & Technology Management:
  • for Justin Timberlake & Pink, Green Day, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas & Pussycat Dolls, John Legend, The Fray, Fergie, Maroon 5, Chris Brown & Neo, Puddle of Mudd, Jett, Simple Plan, Yellow Card
  • Managed all on ground campus and nightclub promotions for tour
  • Trained & provided all Music Marketing Team tour staff
  • Oversaw all marketing research logistics
Special Events:
  • Kanye West, Akron, Ashley Tisdale, RBD, Incubus, KROQ, Jingle Balls


  • Talent Managers for Motorola Trade-show / CTIA
  • Sponsorship Developers for Motorola / Winter Music Conference
  • Under-Ground Global DJ Marketing Research Managers for Motorola / Global Promotions
  • DJ Youth Culture Liaisons for Motorola and Top DJ Management Companies / Global

Hi-Tech Multi Media Promotions & Productions


  • Interactive Technical Promotions Directors for Intel "Pentium IV"
  • Interactive Technical Promotions Coordinators for Intel / CES
  • Interactive Technical Promotions Coordinators for Intel / VH1 Music Awards
  • Interactive Technical Promotions Coordinators for Intel / Area One Tour
  • Logistics Promotions Coordinators for Intel / Microsoft X Box Launch


  • Music Marketing Team Guerilla Marketing Managers for Mattel DM2 Product Line
  • Coordinated Logistics and On-site Management for all Mattel DM2 Trade-shows


  • Promotion Development Coordinators for MTV.com
  • Coordinated Promotions for "@ MTV Week"


  • Promotions Directors for Yahoo OutLoud Tour

Tribal Brands

  • Interactive Technical Promotions Directors for Tribal Brands

Beatnik / Mixman

  • Planned Promotions/Sponsorship for Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Compton's New Media

  • Organized Compton's New Media party for Intermedia
  • Coordinated all entertainment for Art Techo

Osborne / McGraw Hill

  • Produced Osborne / McGraw Hill Author Signing Party for Intermedia

Entertainment / Tour Promotions & Productions 

Virgin Mega Stores

  • Entertainment Coordinators for the SF Virgin Mega Store Grand Opening Roof Top Concert

Imagine Media

  • Tour Directors for Imagine Media Revolution Tour

Planet Hollywood

  • Entertainment Advisors for Planet Hollywood, San Francisco


  • Coordinated Annual Listeners Cruz for KMEL 106 FM

SF AIDS Dance-a-Thon

  • Producers of the San Francisco AIDS Dance-A-Thon
  • Coordinated Spin It, DJ's Fight for a Cure

SF Guardian

  • Coordinators of The San Francisco Bay Guardian Community Fund

Left Coast Jazz Festival

  • Produced Jazz for Life, San Francisco
  • Special Events Coordinators for the Left Coast Jazz Fest
  • Produced Jazz Festival Club Crawl, San Francisco

SF Halloween Street Party

  • Produced and Booked Halloween in the Castro, the largest costume party in the United States (more than 400,000 in attendance)


  • Book and Promote the National Tour for the Tony Award winning San Francisco Mime Troupe
  • Organized Theater Rhino Charity Gala / Arranged all opening night theater press parties

Event Producers


  • Producers of the Global DJ Mix Awards, International Conference
  • Publishers of the Global DJ Press

Marketing & Public Relations 

Brothers Brewing

  • Brothers Brewing West Coast Promotions Directors

Tommy's Original Margaritas

  • Tommy's Margarita West Coast Promotions Directors

Philips Music

  • Philips Music and Ardent Records Audio Visual CD, Luna Park Press Party in Los Angeles
  • Philips Music and Ardent Records Third Rail Tour press coverage
  • Philips Games "Burn Cycle" Title Release Party

Expression Center for New Media

  • Expression Center for New Media Marketing & Promotions Managers

Virgin Mega Stores

  • Coordinated MTV's press coverage for the Virgin Mega Store Grand Opening in San Francisco
  • Coordinated 1995 Virgin Records Press Tour and in-store promotion for Grammy Award-winning composer of "Nadia's Theme," Barry Devorzon

Whole Life Expo

  • Directors of Marketing for Whole Life International
  • Management of Media Relations for Blue Room Americas Record Label

Hog Farm Concert

  • Bill Graham Presents: The Hog Farm Concert: press coverage for Wavy Gravy

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