Offline Marketing

Event marketing, special events production, and one to one marketing are just some of the offline promotional services WE WORK IT ENTERTAINMENT GROUP uses to build brand awareness and drive consumer action for your music event management, youth marketing, music promotions, event management and music marketing needs.
In-Store Demonstrations

Event Marketing
Specific promotional activities at key target events geared to a desired audience, event marketing drives action and builds brand awareness. Our event management and music event management team helps expand your market.

Special Events
Creation of special events such as concerts, tours, bar / nightclub activities, entertainment premieres, and music promotions. These special events might include music marketing or youth marketing as well.

One to One Marketing
One to one marketing drives interaction with consumers on a person-to-person basis. Often combined with product sampling activities. One to one marketing tactics are particularly suited for driving action.

Promotional Marketing

A broad spectrum of strategies and tactics designed to drive action and maximize brand awareness within the general consumer marketplace, promotional marketing includes:
  • Short-to-medium duration concentrated activities such as on-the-street tactics and online viral (word-of-mouth) activities using targeted emails that drive consumer action.
  • Medium-to-long duration operations such as outdoor advertising and postings, online buzz tactics, and product sampling, which build awareness.
College Marketing

On/off campus activities designed to quickly draw attention, college marketing is characterized by:
  • Numerous actions that rapidly gain interest and drive response, including college outreach programs, on campus POP's (points of presence), and direct consumer recruitment within designated groups.
Youth Marketing / Teen Marketing

Specific youth marketing operations aimed at the 13-17 year-old demographic, youth marketing is achieved by:
  • Online and offline recruitment of key target market influencers where trendsetters exponentially recruit members within their peer groups as well as drive consumer response.

WE WORK IT ENTERTAINMENT GROUP helps you reach your market. We are a leader in music marketing, music event management, and music promotions.

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