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Spike Wray began her career in the broadcast industry with ABC News. She transitioned to public relations and then founded her own promotions company. Her breadth and depth of experience over those ten years has made her one of the most successful promoters in the industry. In 2003 Spike was ranked among the 100 Influential Leaders of Music Promotions in The World by URB Magazine.

In 1994 Spike founded WE WORK IT ENTERTAINMENT GROUP. Spike's vision was to leverage the music scene's word-of-mouth culture to launch and promote new products. The Virgin Mega Store Corporation immediately retained Spike's unique services as the event producer and talent booker for their Grand Opening Concerts nation wide. These events won Spike and WE WORK IT ENTERTAINMENT GROUP many accolades published in a variety of music industry trade publications.

In the last four years, Spike has produced more than 25 large-scale events for many companies, such as Motorola, Verizon Wireless, Levi Strauss, Intel, MTV, Mattel, the San Francisco AIDS Dance-A-Thon and the Global DJ Mix Awards. She has generated millions of dollars in donations and sponsorships for the events she has produced.

Spike has developed and mastered her vision to leverage word-of-mouth marketing. She is an industry leader in guerilla marketing techniques, specifically those that combine on-line web marketing with off-line campaigns.


Michael's passion for technology began at an early age. First introduced to computers at the age of 11, software programming and bulletin board systems, a precursor to today's Internet, nurtured his curiosity for technology. His passion for gadgets and new media led to a degree in visual communications.

In 1996, Michael began work for Mixman Technologies providing assistance with promotions and technical services. He quickly established himself as the "demo god" for the Mixman product line. His performance skills led to an opening act on a nationwide tour with Revolution Magazine. In 2002, after a dot-com merger at the height of the internet craze of 2000, Mixman reacquired the intellectual property and established itself again as an independent company, From 2002 - 2006, Michael was the GM for Mixman Technologies. His responsibilities included creative consulting on new product lines, business development, operational, and accounting duties.

In 2005, Michael came on board with We Work It Entertainment to help expand their technical services of the company. In 2006 Michael was promoted to GM of We Work It. He has helped to establish a new line of business that focused on creative development and execution. Michael has overseen the technical execution of 15 nationwide acts. He has toured with artist such as Justin Timberlake, Black Eyed Peas, and Green Day and other well know international acts.

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