We Work It

Who We Are

They said it couldn't be done; That it would cost us a fortune, but we did it and now you can too! We built a 100% off-grid, custom shipping container home, as owner/builders, permitted as a single-family residence in Pioneertown, CA!

We successfully navigated through establishing key relationships in the process with contractors, land use services, planning and development within San Bernadino County.

Our team has a varied skillset and wealth of experience executing off-grid, shipping container and unconventional home building. They are licensed welders, engineers, contractors, plumbers, solar experts  We worked well with San Bernadino County building inspectors, and passed all building inspections. We also worked well with San Bernadino County Fire Marshalls Office to ensure our structure was sound and more than capable of withstanding the threat of fire. 

What Do We Do

Detail-oriented project managers with the communication, organization and relationship skillset necessary to get things done. We work with people who are interested building shipping container homes, on or off-grid and unconventional projects. We work with people all the way from conception, outlining considerations, establishing and managing budgets, timelines, pulling permits, managing contractors and inspections.

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12 Steps to a new home

Consultation around project (1-2 hrs.)
Estimate overview (1-2 hrs)
Land Services and Planning Department Consultation (1-2 hrs.)
Planning and Design (2-4 wks.)
Permitting and Land Development (1-2 weeks)
Finalize plans for permit (1-3 weeks)
Establish budget and finalize contracts on bids (1-2 weeks)
Manage Infrastructure contract implementation (2-6 weeks)
Manage Structure contractors (2-6 weeks)
Manage Structure contractors (2-6 weeks)
Manage Systems contractors (2-6 weeks)
Manage Finishing contractors (2-4 weeks)

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