The San Francisco AIDS Dance-A-Thon


The San Francisco AIDS Dance-A-Thon began in 1987 as a small fundraising for Mobilization Against AIDS. The event has grown annually to include a local community grants program for 17 Bay Area AIDS organizations. In 1998 an estimated 5,500 participants danced and sweated for 12 hours to raise money for the fight against AIDS.


  • Our major challenge was to give the Dance-a-Thon a major face-lift on a very limited budget.
  • Our plan for the 1998 San Francisco AIDS Dance-A-Thon was to open up the event to a broader range of individuals to increase participation, while retaining loyal participants.


  • Solicited local vendors to donate space, equipment and an array of other services in exchange for trade-out advertising. Thus cutting the event budget from $650k to just under $175k
  • Updated the music genera's an activities to reflect multiple demographics with something for everyone.
  • Brought in top International entertainment and an eclectic array of DJ's spinning a variety of music such as house, hip-hop and jungle.
  • Implemented an extended school group participation program to increase youth involvement. Incentive was a free afternoon dance party, sponsored by the number one Bay Area hip-hop radio station, at the school that generated the most money.
  • Extend the event to a whole week with local club participation leading up to night of the Dance-A-Thon.

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