The Global DJ Mix Awards


The Global DJ Mix Awards were created by WE WORK IT ENTERTAINMENT GROUP to recognize and honor the extraordinary talents of DJ's around the world.


  • The mission of the Global DJ Mix Awards is to recognize and honor the extraordinary talents of DJ's all around the world.
  • Secure the foundation of the Global DJ Academy as a resource for DJ's to access information on affordable health insurance, legal advising and provide inside information on what's happening within the dance music business industry.


  • Developed & cultivated relationships with key DJ Publications & Alternative Press Publications, Dance Labels, Top Club Promoters, known & unknown DJs to insure the success of the Global DJ Academy & future Global DJ Award events.
  • Used a wide variety of Music Marketing Teams to help promote the event to different audiences. This tactic worked very well as a melting pot of all different kinds of people attended the event.
  • Encouraged memberships in the Global DJ Academy by empowering members with the right to vote on the award categories thus providing credibility & integrity to the Global DJ Awards.
  • Extended the event over 4 nights to showcase over 70 different DJ's at six of San Francisco's largest clubs to reflect the different styles of dance music.
  • Created awareness around DJ's as credible musical talents, which have gone virtually, unrecognized for too long, thus enforcing the need for the Global DJ Mix Awards.

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